The Gateway to the Metaverse:

Welcome to the Era of Web6!

Vorz envisions a continuous community of technologists coming together to construct the Web3 metaverse, creating not just products but also their own content. The journey towards building the next Web6 begins here, through the collective effort of the people in the Metaverse.


Goal and Visions

Our goal is to create the People's Metaverse by exploring and advancing the concept of mass innovation through the strength of communication and community.


Decentralized & powered by crypto, bringing together the Vorz Army to build a metaverse that belongs to the people!


To build the next metaverse in which all of us can enjoy & have fun building a Layer 3 MainNet from the Ethereum Blockchain.

Blockchain Technology

Starting with Blockchain technology we can all build something that is innovative yet useful in everyday lives.


Vorz will start building semi-decentralized apps to power up its community building capability starting with the social networks.


Vorz will scale in the Polygon Network L2 to give its users co-founders a gasless experience soon within the SeDApps.

A.I Capability

The team is looking into the Artificial Intelligence technology to be useful in the roadmap of its development.

NFT Marketplace

One of the goal is to build an NFT Marketplace for all SeDApp users within the Vorz Evosystem in the long run.

Quantum Computing

One of the dev vorgz is studying quantum computing to implement it within the Vorz evosystem in the year 2023+.



The Vorz project entangled with most of the prominent unicorn in the crypto industry to push such ambitious metaverse project.

Semi-Decentralized Ecosystem

With Blockchain and NFT we can all build a better ownership and transparency.

The age of NFT is today & for that we are here to push an idea of the metaverse within it.

Blockchain allowed us to use that very nature of decentralisation to build a semi-decentralized environment.

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Vorz App

Vorz App is an entertainment & web6-commerce platform powered by the VORZ token to provide a seamless and faster way of doing things with the Entertainment Metaverse.

It's More Fun In The Metaverse!

With the power of social blockchain network we can surely let the people enjoy the Creator Ecomomy system of Vorz to join the movement of free social networking in a status of co-founders in the people's metaverse project.

  • All co-founders not product
  • Gas-Free and friendly app
  • Fun and exciting way to engage
  • Crypto-powered entertainment!
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VORZ Protocol

Name: VORZ
Symbol: VORZ
Network: POLYGON
Total Supply: 100 Billion
Type: Governance Utility

Contract Address



25B Token



3B Token



3B Token

Kucoin & More Exchanges


2B Token

Check Whitepaper

In the whitepaper it explained well the project from back to front into an all in one pitch and development roadmap.

Check Whitepaper


Transparent and fair valuation for the token deployment.

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Community Leaders
Vorz Protocol
V2 Polygon Migration/Airdrop
Provisional Sale
Vitalik Buterin

The Vorzmap

Transparent Plan for the project VORZ.

30 Oct 2021
Vorz Born!

We've realized that the world is transforming into something Vorz to the metaverse of things (MoT), so here we are a project that will change the world forever.

2 Nov 2021
Website and Community SeDApp Active

The website is up and running and doing the community-run for events in order to attract the people in the Vorz project. Vorz and its sidechain are active and running.

14 Nov 2021
Pre-seed Starts!

The Pre-seed will start in Polygon after its super sale event to push the project and make the dream of the century happen. The project of the people build by the people.

25 Dec 2021
Metatron Reborn

Metatron is an Angel that will release a scorching Meta to the world. An encoded message to be decoded soon. This is a premonition not a troll. More like an idea of the future. BNBChain, Fantom, Ethereum VORZ Incoming!

Q2 2023
Deploying the NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace will be released for beta up and working available to all users minting their artwork and short videos from vorz.

Q3 2023
Booting Ophir Socialand in Vorz

A social network site for all Ophirian will be born inside the Vorz to gather the believers of Ophir and build the next Ophir Space Exploration Project of Ophir very soon. It included NFTs lands and real weddings!

Q4 2023
Blockchain EVM L3 Development

The Vorz will have its own L3 EVM Blockchain MainNet in the future forked from the complete Casper 2.0-/3 migration building a Quantum hybrid Blockchain.

Q1 2024
Deployment of Projects

By the time Vorz deployed the EVM Layer 3 Vorz MainNet it will also start working on the other project that will be built inside the Matatron MainNet.

Q4 2024
Quantum Computing Integration

Vorz will slowly adapt Quantum Technology starting in 2023 for it to protect the Metatron against quantum attacks and exploits in the future.

Q4 2025+
Blockchain City Ophir

Vorz will try and acquire a Cordilleran hectares of lot in the north and south Cube(Cebu) to build its own Blockchain City in the Future allowing us to build the Golden Era City of Automation in the Far East. Preparing for the Global Warming Glacier Doomsday Flood!


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Check the devs on Crunchbase.

Builderships Ongoing

Our devs are working!

Press Release

We are in the news!

Marketing Push

We have marketing plans ahead.


Leads are coming in.


Buid With VORZ.
Token F.A.Q

Frequently Questions

The most questionable questions of the Vorz.

What will be the use-case of VORZ?

VORZ is governance and utility token for all of the Vorz project in the future. The use-case is the overall work of the project using in voting, implementation, integration, etc..

Is this an investment scheme?

This is a perpetual like experiment for the people by the people which devs are doxxed to show how sincere the project is. Always do your own Research.

What are SeDApps?

The semi-decentralized apps of the Vorz project consist of vorz app and more to come in able for it to push the metaverse ideas.

How to Buy $VORZ?

You can buy VORZ by visiting the (be careful of fake url always check the vv and w) try adding the smart contract address of Vorz ($VORZ)


Vorz Team

The devs are real people and passionate to build the Vorz with all of the believers in the project.

Adrianne Apilis

IT - Co-founder

Paul Candelario

Leviathan - Co-founder

Norlito Sepulvida

CCC - Co-founder

Mary Ignacio

CTO - Co-founder

Alex Razon

Master Handshaker - Legal Officer

Andreas Lutz

Advisor - Founder Blocktech University